PreSchool Program

PRESCHOOL 2018-2019
Parents interested in sending their child to the PEVS Preschool for the 2017-2018 school year are required to bring their child to a screening prior to enrollment.  The free screening will include height, weight, vision, hearing, speech and developmental delays.   The screenings are available to all children in Paulding County, up to five years of age, regardless of the school district they will be attending.  (Please note:  If your child is already enrolled and will be returning to preschool, there is no need for another screening.)  You may schedule an appointment at one of the screenings by calling 1-877-473-8166.  After hours dial ext 41 to leave a message.  Walk-ins will be accepted, but you may have to wait for an opening in the schedule.  Please click here for the summer screening dates and times.