Board of Education

2018 School Board Members

Front l-r: Mrs. Karen Saxton, Mr. James Foltz, and Mr. Mark Manz
Back l-r: Mr. Matt Stoller and Mr. Brian Egnor

The Paulding Exempted Village Schools Board of Education
is a five member governing body elected by the voters of the
school district. The Board of Education, representing the
community, has the legal responsibility for the education for the
children of the district from kindergarten through grade twelve.
The Board derives its authority and responsibility from laws
passed by the state and federal governments.

The Board of Education is the policy making body of the
school district. The policies, which the Board establishes,
are to be implemented by the superintendent, treasurer and
the staff of the district.

Regular meetings of the Paulding Exempted Village Schools
Board of Edcuation are normally scheduled on the third Tuesday
of each month, and begin at 7:00. Special meetings are
scheduled as needed by the Board of Education. Meeting locations
may vary between Oakwood and Paulding.

Board Members


7:00 PM
Regular Board Meeting
@ Administration Office