Paulding County Health Dept Covid-19 Holiday Press Release

  • COVID-19 cases continue to increase across Paulding County, and the upcoming holidays create a risk that this will continue.
    • Most people are doing a good job at school and work, but the things we do at home around our friends and family are just as important to prevent COVID-19.
    • If we’re smart, we can enjoy the holidays and drive cases down, because we know how to effectively reduce the spread of the virus.
    • Find tips from the CDC about how families can safely enjoy the holidays here:
  • Watch for symptoms of COVID-19 and stay at home away from others if you might be sick, even with mild symptoms.

§  Some people with COVID-19 report a distinct loss in taste or smell, which isn’t typical with flu. Influenza symptoms may also arrive more suddenly, while COVID-19 illness can appear anywhere from 2-14 days after infection.

  • If you think you might be sick, contact your health care provider to discuss your symptoms and ask if you should be tested for flu or COVID-19.
  • Consider alternative ways of celebrating Thanksgiving this year so that you don’t put your family and friends at risk.
    • The safest gathering will involve only the people you live with.
    • Share your great recipes rather than exchanging dishes or treats.
    • If you host guests, talk ahead of time about ways to keep the group safe, and make sure everyone understands why it’s important.

§  Set up smaller dining areas or card tables that allow people to be together while keeping distance between groups.

§  Limit people going in and out of the areas where food is being prepared or handled, and identify one person to do the serving so no one shares utensils.

§  Instead of potluck-style gatherings, encourage guests to bring food and drinks for themselves and for members of their own household only.


Press Release

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