Individual Medalists included:
Bronze medals: Brian Matson (2), Aaron Horstman, Kathryn Clapsaddle, Ethan Matty (2), Joe Reineck, Gillian Porter (2), Sydney Reineck, Cortney Luderman.
Silver medals: Brian Matson, Aaron Horstman, Michael Tope, Alli Harpel (2), Estee Miller, Charles Clapsaddle (2), Gillian Porter, Luke McCullough, Quincy Porter, Joe Reineck, and Jonathan Clapsaddle.
Gold medals:  Brian Matson (2), Alli Harpel, Ellie Miller, Jonathan Clapsaddle, Trace McKinley, Joe Reineck(2), Ethan Matty, Charles Clapsaddle, Courtney Luderman.

Division B medalists with their 2nd place trophy: (Front) Joe Reineck, Brian Matson, Charles Clapsaddle. (Middle) Trace McKinley, Quincy Porter, Luke McCullough, Jonathan Clapsaddle. (Back) Sydney Reineck, Ethan Matty, Courtney Luderman, Gillian Porter.

Division C medalists: (Front) Estee Millier, Alli Harpel, Ellie Miller, Kathryn Clapsaddle.  (Back) Aaron Horstman, Isaac Nice, Michael Tope.

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