Individually, Ethan Dominique was awarded an excellent as was the team of Brooke Weidenhamer and Preston Johanns.  The following students were awarded Superiors:  Chantal Monnier, Cade McGarvey, Brian Matson, Hunter Vogel, Shawn Jackson, and Taylor March.  Sixth grader Baylee March also earned a Superior rating.

Cade McGarvey won the top award for OSERO for his animal research as well as second place for Human Nutrition.  Sophomore Chantal Monnier won three special awards:  A Governor’s Award for Food Science, the Excellence in Agricultural Food Research Award, and the Ohio State Food Science Award.

Taylor March

Baylee March

Brooke Weidenhamer and Preston Johanns

Hunter Vogel

Chantal Monnier

Eathan Dominique

Brian Matson

Shawn Jackson

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