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    Lab reports will be submitted via the website:  Any paper turned in past 3:00pm on the due date is an automatic zero. Should you encounter a technical difficulty with the website, screenshot the error message or print out the error receipt found in your email, print out your report and turn it in to your class tray with the error documentation attached by 8am the next school day.

  • Confused about naming?

    If you are struggling with naming compounds, check out Brian Swarthout on YouTube.  He's got a basic plan with examples.

  • How to log into Google

    How to log into Google

    Use your Computer Log in

    Grad year, first 4 letters of last name, first letter of your first name

    Then, add "" so it looks like this:


    Password: paulding

                  (until you change it)

  • Lab trauma

    Hey.....if you are trying to use the Google Doc sample...follow these instructions!!!!!


    • Go to the folder of Lab Info
    • Open the sample report
    • Log into your Google account
    • Go to File on the sample report
    • select MAKE A COPY of the sample lab
    • Save it to your drive.
    • NOW you should be able to edit it.



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