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IAT Process

IAT Process

What are the Intervention Assistance Teams?

  • The Intervention Assistance Team is a building team designed to support students, parents, and teachers.  

  • The team consists of school personnel including administrators, teachers, and counselors who will work with parents to identify possible ways to help students experience greater success.

Why is a student referred to IAT?

  • Difficulties related to

    • Academic areas

    • Social Emotional areas

    • Health Concerns

  • The team process allows for greater exploration of potential causes and solutions to address the area of need.

When does the referral happen?

  • Typically occurs when a child is continuing to struggle despite the interventions the teacher and parent put in place.

What should I expect at a meeting?|

  • First and foremost, the room will be full of people who want to help support your student.  It can be very intimidating to walk in and see everyone staring back at you.  Please know that the intent is to help and support anyway we can.

  • The first step of the team is to define the problem in measurable terms.  

  • Once the problem has been defined, solutions are brainstormed.

  • Appropriate intervention is put into place and measured for effectiveness.  

  • You may be given “homework” to complete with your student at home.

  • Data is collected for the next 4-6 weeks.

  • A follow-up meeting is scheduled.  At this time there is the sharing of data and discussion if another intervention should be put into place or if the current intervention should continue.  You will be invited back for each meeting.

How long does it take?

  • The meeting itself is short.  The usually only run about 25 minutes.  More time will be scheduled if it is needed.

  • The process will take months and relies heavily on the commitment of teachers and parents.  The positive outcomes and seeing student success is worth the effort.

I want to refer my student to IAT.  What should I do?

  • Talk with your student’s teacher first, if you still need more assistance, talk with the building principal or complete the referral found here.


Parent Referral Form

IAT Parent Input Form