Mr Gilbert's Microbiology Class 2020

The Microbiology class had a busy start to the new year.  In our first week, we mixed and autoclaved nutrient agar solution, which was then poured into twenty plates and three test tubes.

We then carried out a hand washing exercise.  Students ran their fingers over various items in the classroom (top of the TV, sink handles, door handles, chewed gum, computer keyboard, and light switch), then pressed each of their fingers onto an agar plate into the positions marked 1-4.  They then ran their fingers over the same area and washed each of their fingers in four different cleansers: Anti-bacterial soap, Hand sanitizer, Hibiclens and Povidone-Iodine.  Fingers were once again pressed onto agar on the side opposite the original.  Plates were incubated and examined for growth.  All four cleansers did an outstanding job of cleaning, as only two colonies showed up in the 24 areas where fingers were pressed.

We then did some streak plates using sterile cotton swabs taking samples from our nostrils and mouth.  You can see the growth in the pictures.

Please check out all of the pictures in the gallery link HERE 

Microbiology 2020


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